Detailed classification of sponge products

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In our daily life, we can often see a variety of sponges, the type of sponge is quite a lot. Each type of sponge has its specific use. Let's talk about the detailed classification of sponge products:

First, ordinary sponge (from 15 density to 50 density)

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Second, the fine sponge (without any filler, uniform cells, tensile strength, elongation and other strength)

Third, flame retardant sponge (white, black, gray, blue and other density specifications)

4. Mesh, filter sponge (thick, medium and fine pore sponges of various colors)

5. Special sponge (polyester type, polyether type, conductive type, antistatic type, etc.)

6. Hardened sponge (medium hardness, special hardness, various hardness)

Seven, high rebound sponge (28d, 30d, 33d, 40d and other varieties)

Eight, super soft foam sponge

Nine, slow rebound sponge

Ten, mold foaming sponge

XI, deep processing sponge

Twelve, regenerating sponge

Thirteen, composite sponge (flame composite sponge material, adhesive composite sponge material)

Fourteen, mattress sponge

Fifteen, rubber sponge (eva, pe, epe, etc.)

Sixteen, color sponge (bath cotton)

Commonly used sponges are classified into high-density sponges, medium-density sponges, and low-density sponges. High-density sponges, many holes, very full, often used for sound-absorbing cotton, sofa cushions, soft bags and other materials. According to the interpretation of the national customs department, the density is ≥45 for high density, and the density is medium density between 45 and 18. Density is an important indicator of matter. The high density of the sponge indicates that the gap is small and the quality is greater. For example: 40 density means that the weight of a cubic meter sponge is 40 kilograms, and 50 density is 50 kilograms per cubic meter. The sponge process has been improved and the density is not judged by weight. Instead, the density of the sponge mat is judged by more professional technical standards.

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